Order a Login token

Remote login to networked services is often done with unsafe passwords and uncomfortable account names. Login tokens replace this system with a highly secure alternative, that makes login hardly noticable to the end user.

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After going through the preparation checklist, you can proceed to order a Login token. Option one is to dispense a coin directly at OpenFortress, option two is to find a reseller who will also help you to support.

Order directly using a coin

You can order a Login token directly from OpenFortress is you present a coin that was properly prepaid. Such coins are plain one-line strings that you can copy/paste below.

Keep in mind that spending a coin does not entitle you for any customer service. Your resellers can offer such services if you want.

Coins are usually provided to you by resellers. If you think minting your own coins is worth the trouble, go right ahead. It would make you an informal sort of reseller for Login tokens.

Or... find a reseller for Login tokens

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