Prepare for ordering a Login token

Remote login to networked services is often done with unsafe passwords and uncomfortable account names. Login tokens replace this system with a highly secure alternative, that makes login hardly noticable to the end user.

Before ordering, please work through the following checklist. It can save you a lot of trouble.

  1. Have you read our policies?
    By ordering a Login token, you agree to the Login token Certification Policy as well as the Secret Key Management Policy that we carry. Be sure to download, print and study these documents; they explain in detail what you are relying on.
  2. Have you installed the OpenFortress classical root certificate?
    Login tokens are digitally signed statements, and to allow your browser to validate these you must know and trust the signing party. This product is signed under our classical root certificate for TLS/SSL. You should install it now if you have not done so yet.
  3. Can your browser work with client certificates?

    See the questions for a list of browsers that do. If you are not certain, just make sure that your browser's security settings include a place where you can manage client certificates, which are yours.
  4. Can you pay us?
    This will be a micro-payment, so credit cards and bank transfers are usually unacceptable forms of payment. OpenFortress accepts gold from online accounts GoldMoney and e-gold. Resellers may provide you with a coin, a code that you can use to pay here.
  5. Renewal or a fresh Login token?
    If you want to continue with the anonymous identity on an existing Login token, be sure to order a renewal. Otherwise, order a fresh Login token. You are welcome to create as many anonymous identities as you like.

Got all that? Then by all means, proceed to the ordering page.

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