Login tokens: silent login made secure

Remote login to networked services is often done with unsafe passwords and uncomfortable account names. Login tokens replace this system with a highly secure alternative, that makes login hardly noticable to the end user.

Websites and other remote services sometimes ask you to login before you may access restricted or personalised information. Usernames and passwords are often used to implement such logins. But passwords are sometimes lost. They may be guessable. They may be tapped while in transit. They are often used in mutiple places. And they are rarely of a length that makes them secure.

Enter login tokens. These client-side certificates are stored in your browser. When you access restricted pages, a secure server can ask your browser to present such a client certificate and prove that you are its owner. This proof yields a highly secure method of authentication, suitable even for online banking. And you need not purchase another Login token for every new service; it is totally secure to use the same one everywhere you go.

Login tokens are very cheap, because they are handled automatically. If no installation support or other help is required, the base price can be as low as EUR 1.50 or USD 1.50 for a Login token that is valid for one year.

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