OpenFortress Investor opportunities

To obtain a steady growth, OpenFortress prefers private investment to fund its core activities. For several optional parts, including application projects, there are opportunities to invest and make profit along with OpenFortress.

The general line that OpenFortress with respect to investments is that it should never jeapourdise its core business. This means that little chance is taken. An investment will usually pay in the form of profit sharing, or even a fixed portion of sales of a particular product.

Projects beyond your own reach

If you are not basically an investor, but merely require an application of digital signatures or cryptography that outgrows your budget, you may consider to propose it as an investment. This would be particularly helpful if others could benefit from the outcome as well; we can set a profit sharing scheme for what those others would pass through OpenFortress.

If you choose this path, you will have the benefit of earning from sales on our marketplace for digital signing applications, and furthermore you will have the benefit of the lowest cost per product, so that you are in a good position to win customers. This may allow you to balance the books for a project that would normally be too large for your budget.

A philosophically interesting issue here is that it incurs cooperation between parties through a market principle. That means that it is totally open, there is room for competition, but there still is a way to make the most out of it when launching a product first.

Contact us!

There are currently no concrete listings on this page, but that does not mean we are without ideas of handling funds. Please contact us for more information if you deem OpenFortress worthy of your influence.

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