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OpenFortress follows open source principles for its public contacts. This means that a customer must keep a few rules in mind. Rules that were designed to provide everybody with the best possible solutions for a sharp price. Rules that keep OpenFortress scalable.

OpenFortress can be contacted through the following paths:

OpenFortress Digital signatures
Haarlebrink 5
7544 WP Enschede
The Netherlands

phone: +31 53 4782239
fax: +31 842 244827
chambre of commerce (NL): 08099987
VAT number: NL813323253B01
bank account name: OpenFortress BV
IBAN: NL78 TRIO 0781 4337 38

sales inquiries: (sales inquiries)
helpdesk, see below:

The following rules point to several sources for self-help, so that you can find solutions at a minimum of effort in a minimum of time. Only when those principles do not work should you contact OpenFortress.

Support for service customers

Services usually include a fee that entitles you to a fair amount of support from Those who consider purchasing a service should contact instead. The availability of these addresses do not release you from reading online information, but it does imply that you are welcome to ask for support over email or another means. When contacting us, keep the following rules in mind:

  1. An answer can only be as good/concise as the question.
  2. Provide a maximum of information, even if you do not understand all of it; we can probably interpret it for you.
  3. Never send private keys. Never send passwords. That could harm your security.
  4. Never send word documents. Never send executables. Never send HTML text. That could harm our own security, so we don't read it. Simply send your problem in plain ASCII text.
  5. Pick a short, descriptive subject so that we can locate your information need quickly.
  6. Submit your question to

Support for product customers

Did you purchase through a reseller? If so, you should not contact OpenFortress about it. Your reseller is responsible for support to you. And although resellers may take a different approach, here are the rules that we follow for direct sales:

  1. Read documentation. The product pages contain a lot of information, and sometimes links to larger documents. Read and learn.
  2. Search the library. We have a number of informal introductions ready, and they might be just what you need.
  3. Search the interactive FAQ. This is kept up to date by OpenFortress, so you can ask a question there. But before asking, first look if your question is new -- because it rarely is.
  4. Search the email archives that apply. This is a way to get the opinion and help of others like yourself. A lively discussion is welcomed, as long as it remains on-topic.
  5. Only if you purchased helpdesk support, do you have a last resort of contacting directly with your question. Always mention your helpdesk support code when doing so. We will ruthlessly ignore product questions without such a code. Questions that are documented elsewhere may receive a low priority, or be dropped altogether.

General inquiries

For general inquiries, such as from the press or to validate a part of our identity, you can reach us at Please be as accurate as you can. We speak Dutch and English fluently, we have a readonly grasp of German.

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