OpenFortress community

OpenFortress largely follows the open source approach for support for its online products. What this means in practice is that we maintain a community of users, developers and so on around OpenFortress. The tools that help you become a part of the community are listed below.

OpenFortress library

The library is a collection of documents about OpenFortress, its products and related issues. You will find a lot of information in the library:

  • User and developer manuals for OpenFortress products
  • Essays about security and related issues
  • Tools available for download
  • Online demonstrations
  • Bookmarks of online publications related to security and cryptography

Mailing lists

For a diversity of groups of users, we maintain a number of mailing lists. You are welcome to subscribe to whichever you like. Mailing lists are free of charge, and your participation is much appreciated.

The mailing lists that we currently carry are:

  • None yet. Please wait a few more days, we are setting them up.

It is forbidden to send spam to this list, and it is strongly encouraged to keep up a positive attitudea. If you fail to meet this simple requirements, you risk being unsubscribed or even banned from the list.

Interactive FAQ

These are basically self-help places to drop your question. It works best if you add what you know to what is put there. OpenFortress will tend to this as well.

No link yet. Hold on, we are working on this.

OpenFortress reserves the right to use or not use the information submitted to the interactive FAQ in any way we like. In practice, what we will do is edit the information to make it easier to access, allow quicker location of questions and answers, and to make the information easier to read.

Animal pictures

Animals are cool. They make our website look great, and they turn out very useful while browsing (did I see this page before?). The pictures are just amateur photo's and yours may well be added to the collection used here.

If you happen to have self-made photo's of animals you've been missing here, and if we are welcome to use them free from charge, then please send them to us so that we may consider using them.

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