Order OpenFortress Token Service

OpenFortress Token Services makes it simpler to maintain a cryptographic hardware key. This page details the options and conditions and allows you to order Token Services.

Conditions for the OpenFortress Token Services

By ordering any of the Token Services, you agree to these conditions:

  • Name the token order to which the service applies; you must order the same amount of prepaid tokens as are in that order.
  • Your token may not be formatted or erased after you got it from OpenFortress or one of its partners.
  • You may not remove files from the token that are related to the OpenFortress Token Services.
  • You must not let others copy the unique serial number from the token label.
  • Token Return depends on the co-operation of an honest finder; we cannot guarantee this co-operation.
  • By attaching the label, you accept the cost that applies when a labelled device must be returned to you. These costs apply for incidents beyond 5% of the order size, and are then € 20,- plus actual cost per incident, not including a € 10,- reward for the finder of your device. When you are not using the prepaid form (anymore), you are charged the normal rates of € 25,- plus actual cost including a € 10,- finder's reward.
  • The Token Services are automatically renewed after one year; you agree to pay the annual fee for this additional year. If you wish to take no further part in it, you must let us know at least one month before your year of prepaid token service ends.

Order Labels for your Tokens

Token labels can be ordered for both prepaid and non-prepaid arrangements of OpenFortress Token Service. The order must be related to tokens that have been prepared for at least one of the Token Services, namely Token Return Service or Lockpicking Service.

The token labels contain a unique serial number, which is used to track the label. This serial number will not be related to you or your company. Your ownership information is stored on your token, in a private and authenticated form.

Package summary:
Token Return Labels for crypto-devices starting at € 5,-

Order for tokens of your previous or current order
Prepay (see below)

Prepay for Token Service package

Prepaid service means that you will not be charged € 25,- plus actual cost per incident, but that you are entitled to a few free incidents every year. An incident is either a token return or a Lockpicking request. An example calculation is available under the Token Return explanation.

Cost factorNormal servicePrepaid service
Token Return to OpenFortressactual costwaived if under € 5.00
otherwise actual cost
Token Return to rightful owneractual cost
Finder's reward for Token Return€ 10.00€ 00.00
Annual Token Services package fee€ 00.00€ 01.50
Incidents up to 5% of ordersize€ 25.00€ 00.00
Further incidents€ 25.00€ 20.00

Package summary:
OpenFortress Token Service for crypto-devices at €1,50
Shipping and Handling is included (normal mail delivery)

Order for the tokens on your previous or current order
Include token return labels

Move a lot of your tokens

If you are moving your company or its employees, you are usually moving the address of a lot of your tokens, possibly all. In such situations, the information about the rightful owner must be changed on your token.

We can help you collect this information from all tokens and update their contents. But this service is currently under development. Please contact us for details.

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