Token Return Service

This is a lost&found service for tokens. Instead of attaching your own address to the token, which would be helpful to attackers, you receive a label that describes our general service. We use the token-stored ownership information to send back the token.

Like any key, a cryptographic token can be lost. If that happens, the access credentials to your systems, or the ability to encrypt vital information, may be lost. In other words, you want your token back.

The Token Return Service from OpenFortress is designed to bring you back your token in a few simple steps:

  1. You attach our reward-promising label to the token.
  2. You loose the token ;-)
  3. An honest finder finds the token and reads the label.
  4. The finder sends the token to OpenFortress to collect the reward.
  5. OpenFortress decrypts the contact information stored on the token.
  6. OpenFortress ensures the integrity of the contact information.
  7. OpenFortress sends the token to its rightful owner, plus a bill if the costs are not covered by prepayment.

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The Service of Your Choice

You have the choice whether/how to use the Token Return Service. Your options:

  • Ignore the service and disregard the labels.
  • Activate the service by attaching the label. This implies your acceptance of token return charges and conditions.
  • Prepay the service if want a simple token return solution with annual charges instead of a bill per incident.

The Token Services package is available as a prepaid option on all orders of at least 20 tokens. It can be ordered after a set of tokens was purchased, but only for the complete set of these tokens.

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Cost of the service

The bill for a Token Return incident depends on a few cost factors, as specified below. Applicable VAT will be added. We normally do not ship tokens to addresses outside the EU.

An advantage of prepaid token service is that you normally pay only once a year. And as the following example shows, by prepaying you can save 25% on an order of 100 tokens and at a rate of 5 incidents a year:

Cost factorNormal servicePrepaid service
Shippings to OpenFortress€ 012.50€ 000.00
Shippings to rightful owner€ 012.50€ 000.00
Finder's rewards€ 050.00€ 000.00
Annual Token Services package fee€ 000.00€ 150.00
Incident charges€ 125.00€ 000.00
Totals before VAT€ 200.00€ 150.00

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