Practical Security Solutions by OpenFortress

Below is a list of a few pre-cooked solutions to problems. We may well be able to support you with more specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us in such occasions.

Single SignOn replaces Passwords -- Passwords are a nuisance. They are too short, too fixed, and must be entered over and over again. They are even stored on insecure systems. Single SignOn solutions founded in cryptography make it secure to login repeatedly, after entering a secret only once!
Protect laptop-stored secrets -- Laptops are useful, but not if they are stolen or lost. In such cases they can become dramatic information leaks. Internal information could be abused by customers, competitors or even the press. Here are some solutions to avoid such problems.

Is your problem not covered here? Just contact us if you want us to consider building your wishes. We usually do this in return for a minimum guaranteed order.

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