OpenFortress Lockpicking Service

Tokens are protected with a password. If you enter too many wrong passwords in a sequence, the token will lock out any further attempts. This is a security precaution; it makes it fairly safe to keep token passwords small.

OpenFortress does not actually pick locks; it is merely capable to recover an unlock code for certain tokens. Unlock codes are only sent to the rightful owner of a token, as securely filed on the token itself.

OpenFortress does not need physical access to the token to be picked. It merely needs to receive a few files stored on the token. These files are publicly readable, but their contents can only be deciphered by OpenFortress. The integrity of the information is protected, and will be verified before sending an unlock code to the rightful owner of a token.

Tokens must be prepared for lockpicking by OpenFortress or one of its partners. Such preparation does not compromise the token in any way, except that it programs a way out that only OpenFortress can access.

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This "Lockpicking" service is only available for tokens programmed by select partners. The contents of such tokens should not be erased by the user, nor should the administrive files be removed or altered.

  1. OpenFortress (or a select partner on its behalf) programs the token.
  2. The token is shipped to its rightful owner.
  3. The user attempts too many wrong token logins in a sequence and locks the token.
  4. The user places an order for Lockpicking service, submitting the on-token public files.
  5. OpenFortress verifies the integrity of the Lockpicking request.
  6. OpenFortress sends the unlock code to the rightful token owner.
  7. OpenFortress charges the rightful token owner if appropriate.

Service Charges

It is possible to prepay on an annual basis for the complete OpenFortress Token Service package. Payment for lockpicking counts as an incident; unless prepaid, it is charged at € 25,- per incident.

Prepaid options are available; for a fixed annual fee all your tokens will be granted a number of free incidents per prepaid year. This saves a lot of billing and it gives you the certainty of being covered.

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Order our LockPicking help

You locked yourself out on a system that can help you with LockPicking? Then you can order our help below. Note the statement above on Service Charges. If you have a prepaid deal and you think that you have free incidents left, then check the checkbox below.

Please note that we cannot always resolve locked tokens. If a token has been erased or otherwise damaged, we cannot solve it for you. Some tokens will even lock you out from unlocking if you tried that too often with wrong unlock codes. But we will do what we reasonably can.

Package summary:
One LockPicking incident for one crypto-device

Prepaid incident

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