Network Engineering and Server Administration

Many tasks is network engineering and server administration are everyday maintenance tasks. Some changes however, are more difficult. In such situations, we may be of service.

OpenFortress has built a certification authority and maintenance procedures to match, from custom programs and open source software standard components. This is an extreme example of what we are capable of. If your network engineer or server administrator staff needs temporary help for a challenge, we would like to help. Under fair conditions.


These are the things in which we excell. If you are looking for something different, don't hesitate to ask us.

  • Networking. We have deep insight in the behaviour of networks. We can scan the network for problems, we have experience with advanced protocols like IPv6, and we excell at authentication and encryption issues.
  • Servers. Anyone can decorate a web server with some scripting. Our experience goes far beyond that, including facilities like issue tracking, advanced email topics, coordinated group editing of texts, secure databases, protected intranet sites, LDAP, and much more. We generally prefer open source components because they are more reliable. If necessary, we can even tweak the code used. We specialise at setting up servers under any of Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD.
  • Security. OpenFortress excells at practical security. Regardless of whether it is based on tokens or not, whether we speak of authentication, encryption or timestamping, we know what is possible and how it works with practical systems.
  • Embedded solutions. We are experienced with embedded solutions. This can be very useful for larger companies that intend to roll out many devices with similar behaviour accross their network.


We categorise our working hours into the following three categories. Discounts apply to large projects and pure open source projects.

  • Normal consulting hours. These are normal hours in which we work to solve your problems, either on-site or remotely. We charge € 100 per hour.
  • Specialty hours. These include service hours spent on cryptography and security. This is our specialty, in which we relate your security goals to the pieces of a solution. We can show you how your goals are rigourously met. We charge € 150 an hour, and we will state the hour classification clearly in advance.
  • Missed or excess hours. If we formulate a Project Preview (see below) and fail to implement parts of the desired solution, then our hourly rate over the corresponding hours is corrected to this rate and we do not deliver the failing solution parts. If we formulate a Project Preview that involves a number of hours, this is our rate for the excess hours. We give a 75% discount on these hours, not to be combined with other discounts.

Ask for a free Project Preview if you want to have an estimate of what a project will cost you; we will gladly provide one in return for a description of your wishes. Your wishes will be copied in the Project Preview, so you are advised to accurately state your wishes.

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions.

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