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Your laptop or desktop contains a lot of sensitive information, which you may want to hide from prying eyes; competitors, customers and others should not see certain data on your computer. The LockTop protects such data with a simple USB token.

LockTop product description


The delivery of the LockTop comprises of programmed tokens. The tokens contain a license that is needed to run the software that we provide.

The licenses for different operating systems are different. If want to use LockTop tokens on multiple operating sytems, you should order licensing codes for each of these.


Mac OS X 10.2 and up. Currently available.

Windows XP Pro and Server 2003. (soon)

Linux 2.6 and up. (soon) Kernel support for encrypted loopback devices and GnuPG is often useful as a backup mechanism. Due to the varied nature of Linux, local adjustments may be needed; we try to put such information on the support pages.

Delivery outside the EU. This is not always possible because the token export is bound to certain rules. Just contact us if you have questions.

(soon) LockTop software for Windows and Linux is not available at this time. If you order for these platforms, we will prepare your tokens for this future extension. You will be charged at the time the software for the extra platforms comes out.

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All deliveries fall under our General Trading Rules. Distribition is sometimes done by Novaris Innovative Technologies. If you order from outside the EU, you will be responsible for legal issues related to import into your country.

By ordering below, you are implictly accepting these conditions.

Package summary:
ePass1000 tokens for USB at €30
LockTop licenses for selected operating systems at €15

Order for systems running Windows Linux Mac OS X

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