LockTop encrypts your secrets

Your laptop or desktop contains a lot of sensitive information, which you may want to hide from prying eyes; competitors, customers and others should not see certain data on your computer. The LockTop protects such data with a simple USB token.

Hard disks contain information that is too senstitive to fall in the wrong hands. Protecting such information is possible with disk encryption. The LockTop tokens are a straightforward manner of maintaining the privacy of such information: plug it in to access the information, remove it to secure the data.

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Problems solved with the LockTop

Integration with Operating Systems

  • On Mac OS X, it pops an encrypted disk on the desktop at token plugin; the disk password is stored on a token-protected Keychain. Any newly added passwords are stored in that same keychain until the token is removed.
  • On Windows it protects desktop logon.
  • On Linux, the LockTop is an easier and more secure alternative to GnuPG protection of an encrypted loopback device that can hold a protected file system.

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