OpenFortress Online Product Listing

OpenFortress provides cryptographic products -- notably digital certificates. Our aim is to provide a flexible toolkit that can be gradually extended as your needs develop.

These are our online-sold products. More are always under development. In addition, we provide a backbone service as well as a financial approach to help you achieve your own line of cryptographic products.

Current product listing

Shaman makes OpenSSH usable with cryptographic hardware tokens. An included PAM module makes this a true Single Sign-on solution, in a typical modest Un*x style.

LockTop provides disk encryption for laptop and desktop computers.

Login tokens can be used to securely login to servers such as web servers. Once installed, these make logging in surprisingly simple. And it is not just simpler than using usernames plus passwords, it is also much more secure!

Certificates for Secure Servers can be used to setup a secure web server, or any other server that uses the TLS/SSL protocol. As far as web browsers go, they will be silently accepted by 98% of today's web browsers, closing the lock icon to signify secure communication.

Plenty of Entropy provides true random bits, or high-quality entropy. There is a free download service, and a simple kit that you can order to extract entropy from hardware under your own control.

The names of the products presented on this page are trademarks of OpenFortress

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