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This area contains documentation and tools related to OpenFortress operation in providing digital signatures. You are cordially invited to learn all you can, and thereby avoid any need for a helpdesk.

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Our core document is our Secret Key Management Policy which explains how cautious we are with our secret keys. You are urged to read this, or have a more technical person read it for you, before using OpenFortress products. You are not advised to download our root keys before reading it.

The OpenFortress library is a collection of user manuals, demonstrations and essays. You can search or browse it with the links below.

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We provide online products and all sorts of technical and educational services. The web site provides in-depth information, the directory provides a terse overview.

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Library sections

Traverse the links below to browse through our online directory.

  • Policy documents -- These are documents that define legal agreements between OpenFortress and relying parties.
  • Tutorials -- These are tutorials by OpenFortress and by others that teach how to perform a particular task. Some of these reside on our open source outlet.
  • Essays -- These documents provide opinions and reasonings in the areas of cryptography and digital signing. Some of these reside on other websites.
  • Online demonstrations -- These are not read-only documents but interactive demonstrations and tools. Some of these reside on our open source outlet.
  • Bookmarks -- References to interesting external documentation and websites with a small description.

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