OpenFortress workshops

We provide workshops on issues related to cryptographic applications such as digital signing and privacy. This includes the broad area of online trading, both customer-centric e-commerce and business-to-business trading, the latter of which is also known as B2B e-commerce.

Workshops are interactive and lively. OpenFortress aims at a mixture of teaching, problem-solving, discussion and creativity. There is course material, but to avoid pure classroom teaching it has a modular structure, so that parts of the material can be dug up when the need arises. We recommend our audience to bring in their problems.

Current workshop listing

What is Cryptography? either for managers or for technicians.

Open Source crypto toolkits for programmers and system administrators.

Building secure infrastructures for technicals and their direct managers.

Digital signatures for lawyers for law-related officials.

Related information

Subsidiary arrangements exist that may apply for Dutch companies; please lookup the Subsidie Kennisoverdracht ondernemingen at Senter for more information.

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