OpenFortress welcomes resellers

Resellers are merchants who wish to sell OpenFortress products to their own customers, usually adding value of some kind. Examples are web services that wish to provide login tokens for member login; banks that wish to authenticate their customers; hosting providers that offer web certificates. Resellers could choose to hide the complexity that comes with OpenFortress' flexibility, or be equally broad.

Customer support is the responsibility of the reseller, and it makes sense that s/he charges for that service. Resellers may not point their customers to our helpdesk service. Instead, a reseller should request helpdesk service to allow him to learn and help their customers accordingly.

Reseller discounts on products are not possible, because products are already at a rock bottom price. However, as soon as this becomes practical, OpenFortress will distantiate from direct sales to direct customers. This will be implemented by increasing the prices for direct sales while not touching reseller prices, or it will be implemented by ending direct sales altogether.
Furthermore, resellers outside the EU do not have to pay 19% VAT if they convince OpenFortress of their locality. Similarly, non-Dutch resellers with a VAT registration in the EU need not pay VAT either if they submit their VAT number. And if you are Dutch, dan hoeft u ons alleen maar te vertellen waar u facturen wenst te ontvangen.

Our automation interface makes it simple to submit signing requests from scripts. Every signing request is submitted through the standard protocol LDAP, and will be processed as soon as it is paid for. Please realise that you pay OpenFortress for the attempt to sign -- signatures that fail for a reason outside OpenFortress' control are not refunded. This policy helps to stop brute-force attacks on OpenFortress' systems, simply because such attacks quickly become too expensive.

There is no minimum size for resellers -- anyone may resell OpenFortress services, as long as it is done professionally. If OpenFortress receives complaints about resellers, appropriate action will be taken. It is the reseller's responsibility to provide accurate information to their customers; it is allowed to copy explanations on OpenFortress' website for that purpose, as well as to point them to issues on the OpenFortress website.

We want you to make money because it will be to our mutual benefit. If you are successful, then so are we. You may charge any price you like, but keep in mind that risen prices incur risen expectations. Resellers take the handling of individual customers off our hands, and thus make it possible for us to concentrate on selling more signatures, and keep their cost low. As you may understand, we do not intend to compete with resellers on helpdesk pricing!

For more information please contact us on with your intentions, and please tell us a bit about your background. We will be delighted to discuss your wishes in detail!

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