OpenFortress helpdesk services

OpenFortress products are mostly sold at a low price that does not include helpdesk service. One common exception is for new products in a test phase, for which helpdesk service is free.

The helpdesk is paid separately because this gives you total control. If you need no support, you don't pay for it. If you need many products, you need not pay for the helpdesk service for each purchase.

The helpdesk goal is to help you understand our technology, not just to tell you where to click. We prefer a situation where you don't need a helpdesk! For that reason, we maintain online documentation for your self-help. We post common problems and solutions to avoid that everyone must ask the same questions over and over. We would prefer not to offer this service at all!

Your helpdesk registration is paid on a monthly basis, and it is specific for a type of product. We will generally respond within a few days, so there is room for a few iterations in that month. We service you on your registered email address, and only when you paid for the service.

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