Plenty of Entropy

Truely random bits from OpenFortress are generated on the fly by hardware and filtered according to good cryptographic practice. They are not stored on disk and are passed on to you over an SSL connection.

Free service

We provide real entropy as a free service. We ask you not to use it heavily, e.g. from repetitive automated downloads from programs. Furthermore, you should frown upon the download of entropy from a website; we will refrain from naughty behaviour, but does this statement from us suffice for your application?

Download with the button below to produce 1 kB at a time, more than enough for any secure task, even for generation of the largest public key pairs. Generation takes about 1 second. If it fails to gain private access to the random generator hardware it returns nothing.

Do it yourself

The most secure way of generating random bits is locally, on your own workstation. A cryptographic token can be used as a source for such high-quality random bits.

All deliveries fall under our General Trading Rules. Distribition is sometimes done by Novaris Innovative Technologies. If you order from outside the EU, you will be responsible for legal issues related to import into your country.

By ordering below, you are implictly accepting these conditions.

Package summary:
ePass1000 tokens for USB at €30
Plenty of Entropy user licenses for selected operating systems at €25

Order for systems running Windows Linux Mac OS X

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