OpenFortress News channel

Below are some news channels with OpenFortress-related information. You are welcome to subscribe to these if any are of interest to you.

Business news is a low-traffic weblog channel that details business news, product announcements and infrastructural changes to OpenFortress. It is intended for investors, journalists and magazine editors.   RSS 2.0   DELTA

Security weblog is a weblog channel over which we occasionally post our findings on security topics. It is moderately technical, and should be readable to anyone who has used digital signing or similar cryptographic applications.   RSS 2.0

Cryptography weblog is a weblog channel over which we occasionally post more technical topics. It and targets people who have a course understanding of how algorithms for digital signing and encryption work.   RSS 2.0

RFC update monitoring is helpful for Internet technicians who wish to keep track of progress at the IETF. They are welcome to subscribe to this feed, which is updated on a daily basis.   RSS 2.0   DELTA

BadRAM news feeds you with updates about Rick van Rein's BadRAM patch. This patch enables Linux to run smoothly on broken memory modules. This is a very low-traffic news feed, but it can be quite useful if you are depending on the patch to come out for the latest and greatest kernel version.   RSS 2.0   DELTA

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