Browser compatibility check

Below is the outcome of a check of your browser suitability. These results rely on your browser identification. If your browser is setup to provide a changed identity, the outcome below is not reliable.

We DO NOT SUPPORT your unrecognised browser. At least not pleasantly, because your browser lacks support for client certificates. There is a highly mundane, expert-only tool for those who continue, but it involves using OpenSSL over the commandline. You probably want to switch to a browser with client certificate handling functionality, such as Mozilla.

Your browser currently identifies itself as:

CCBot/2.0 (

If this is wrong, you may want to correct it in the preferences; some modern browsers allow changing their identification, and you probably changed it yourself if this looks wrong to you.

Correcting our findings

If you happen to know that our conclusion above is incorrect, we would appreciate a note. There are many browsers in many versions, and keeping up to date with all of them is not doable in practice.

Please direct your commects to; the more details you can add, the happier we are. Always include the identification string for your browser. And please refer us to the browser website, specifically its history and development documentation are useful.

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